A Taste of the West In Muskoka

For people who want a taste of the western experience we offer a uni​que trail ride package that starts out with a quick lesson on position and working with your horse to move forward, stop and turn.  Once these basics can be demonstrated, we head out for a ride through the ranch’s pastures, forest trails and quiet country roads.  Our guides will be happy to continue teaching along the trail as well as pointing out interesting facts along the way.   Trail riding packages can be custom designed to meet your needs and experience level.


 Due to Covid 19, we will be offering limited trail rides to small groups of people from the same household or social grouping.  At this time our maximum number of riders at one time is 5.  We will not be booking smaller groups together.  For reasons of safety and social distancing, we will not be taking anyone under the age of 10 or anyone who has never ridden before on a trail ride.   For children under 10 please see our Pony Experience.  For people wanting to learn about horses we are offering a Introduction to Horses prorgam that allows for physical  distancing while keeping all safe. 

Trail Rides will  be a ground to saddle experience that include grooming, saddling, review of riding technique and approximately one 1 hour ride, so please allow extra time for your visit.

​FOOTWEAR:  Please ensure you have running shoes or footwear with a 1/2" block heel when you come to ride.  Our stirrups have tapaderos so running shoes will work.  No flip flops, sandals or slipper-type shoes are permitted.

2020 Rates

Ground to Saddle  plus 1 hour ride – $75.00 + HST

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